STERI-BOOK For Safe and Swift Book Sanitization

Kirtas is pleased to announce it is now an offical U.S. reseller for the STERI-BOOK SB-601 Book Sterilization system. The STERI-BOOK swiftly and safely disinfects a wide range of materials, destroying bacteria, viruses and harmful mold with the simple touch of a button. Effective and reliable disinfecting of borrowed library materials including books, magazines, CDs,…

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A Fruitful Harvest

As the bard once declared, “Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.” For the Asbury Theological Seminary in Wilmore, Kentucky, each day can now be judged by both, thanks to the addition of the high-yielding KABIS III book scanning system. The bountiful, high quality output of…

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Moving Forward, Quickly: InfoQuick Solutions (IQS)

What is in a name? When it comes to a successful and thriving business– everything. InfoQuick Solutions (IQS), a Syracuse-area, New York provider of innovative records management solutions, recognizes the value of being QUICK when offering its broad spectrum of information services. In the competitive market of digitization, however, one cannot be QUICK without also…

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KABIS II+ Leads the Way for TDAG

Founded in 2013, The Digital Archive Group (TDAG) is a Chicago, Illinois based company that specializes in high quality archival scanning services and digitization. For TDAG, image quality is paramount, but so too is flexibility and efficiency. Their formidable array of in-house scanning equipment reflects this however nowhere were these needs more critical than with…

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McGill 15th century antiphonal

McGill University: Remarkable Reproduction of a Renaissance Relic

Utilizing i2s’ SupraScan Quartz A0 and its considerable digitization know-how, the Digital Initiatives Lab of McGill University’s McLennan Library have successfully reproduced a true-to-life facsimile of a 15th century antiphonal from the early Italian Renaissance, bringing the unique treasure nearly 600 years into the future to be marveled at and perused by eager, 21st century eyes. Ristech…

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APT BookScan 1200

Kirtas Celebrates 15 Year Anniversary

AS KIRTAS celebrates the 15 year anniversary of the first sale of its revolutionary APTBookScan 1200 digitization system, let’s flip through the pages and take a brief glance back at some of the earlier chapters of its memorable history. The novel concept of a high-volume, automated book scanner that would later become Kirtas’ unique flagship…

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