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The primary objective for any digitization project is quality. Quality digitization is made up of superior images, accurate OCR and comprehensive metadata, allowing you to maximize your digitization efforts, and provide digital files that will stand the test of time.

Kirtas KABIS II+ Key Features at a Glance

The new KABIS II PLUS system continues the Kirtas tradition by providing the SmartCradle™ with new automatic book centering that increases postprocessing productivity. The 110 degree position is optimal for low stress, gentle book positioning and Enhanced Page Separator combine to separate pages, and the newest SureTurn™ robotic arm with its vacuum head will gently lift and turn the page. Within the vacuum head is our Page Edge Sensor technology to detect multi-page or no-page lift conditions and automatically take programmable corrective action. The result is full book content integrity and quality.

The newest KABIS Manager Plus software provides a simple user interface to let you start digitizing quickly, and downloading MARC or Dublin Core bibliographic information to include with the book metadata, is simple and easy from OCLC or your own database.

Product Details

  • Automatic and Manual with speeds from 300-2,000 pages per hour
  • Capture images at true 325 x 325 dpi and 400 x 400 dpi, 24 bit color
  • Patented SmartCradle™ dynamic book handler, with automatic centering
  • Low-stress support for rare, fragile books
  • Robotics that are gentler than the human hand  
  • SureTurn™ robotic arm gentle page turn ensuring single page pick up and turn at a time
  • Page Edge Sensor ensures only one page is picked up at a time
  • KABIS Manager Plus retrieve available Metadata of MARC records, DublinCore, and MODS files
  • File Output:  JPEG or CR2
  • File Output from LIMB:  Color, grayscale, bitonal TIFF, JPEG, JP2, PDF, PDF/A, BMP, etc., METS compliant
  • File Output with LIMB and OCR added: METS/ALTO compliant, txt

Technical Specifications

 CAPTURE 22.1 megapixel Canon Cameras & Lenses 300 or 325 or 400 dpi

(book size & lens dependent)


11 x 14” maximum (28.0 x 35.6 cm) Automatic
4.5 x 7” minimum (11.5 x 17.8 cm) Automatic
2 x 3” minimum (50 x 75mm) Manual

 PAPER  13–80 lb (49–300 gsm)
 BINDING  Up to 4” (10 cm) Automatic

33” x 32” x 47” (W x D x H)
84 x 82 x 121cm (W x D x H)

 ACCURACY Page Edge Sensor, Enhanced Page Separator
 WEIGHT 200 lbs (91 kg) approx.

Standard 110-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
15 Amp Receptacle




 OUTPUT Color, grayscale, bitonal, TIF, JPG, JP2,
Searchable PDF with OCR, PDF/A with OCR METS/ALTO,
DC, MODS, TXT with LIMB software
LIMB interpolation up to 600dpi

Processor Core I7
 16 GB RAM
 1 TB hard drive
 Gigabit Ethernet card
 Windows 10 64 OS
 22" flat screen monitor


Monitor arm mount and keyboard tray
Enhanced Page Separator
Page Edge Sensor
Small book extension kit
Foot Pedal
KABIS Controller
KABIS Manager Plus software


Height-adjustable, ergonomic table
LIMB™ Imaging Software
LIMB™ Desktop Software 
LIMB™ Server Software 
LIMB™ Workstation 16 computer
LIMB™ Server 16 Computer