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Kirtas Technologies Automatic Book Digitization

Kirtas Technologies was nominated by the World Technology Network (WTN) in 2004 for its development of the APT BookScan 1200(TM) as the world's first truly automated book scanning system. Since then, Kirtas has continued to refine, enhance, innovate and build on its core offerings. Kirtas Technologies creates radically innovative products that allow the rapid digitization of content that is locked away in both bound and un-bound documents.

Quality results are the primary objective of any book digitization project. Quality includes superior images, high accuracy OCR, comprehensive metadata, and complete book integrity.

Kirtas book scanners automate the process of turning pages. At the same time they assure preservation of fragile materials, and also allow digitization in either automatic or manual mode, depending on the application.

Our software--which can also be used with other scanning equipment--provides great latitude for both individual and batch processing of page capture, enhancement, OCR conversion and indexing.

With user-friendly graphical interfaces and superior technical assistance, Kirtas software applications provide the most complete page processing solutions available.

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KABIS Automatic Book scanners are not limited to just books. Click on the videos below to see just how easily KABIS handles spiral bound, and 3-ring notebooks.

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KABIS Damaged Spine
KABIS III Damaged Book.avi
KABIS Spiral Bound
KABIS 2" Ring Binder
KABIS Damaged Book
KABIS 1" Ring Binder